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Remembering Chris

Today marks the 13th anniversary of my son’s passing.  He died while rock climbing in Yosemite National Park when he was twenty-five. I remember the year leading up to Chris’s death. Beneath all consciousness, the mystery appeared to prevail. He had visited relatives across the … Continue reading

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Morning Communion

Allow me to shed concern for the sake of communion—in the heartland of the soul’s silence. May this reverence slip seamlessly like pearls of dew onto the day. With deepening devotion, missteps grow meaningless. The path overflows: a domed luminosity that contains and leads on. … Continue reading

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FORGIVENESS   Forgiveness sparks the soul— when, in surrender, I find strength to freely give the love that God has given.   Love is for giving, unencumbered by condition— rendering blessed peace, relief from stirring hunger.   May we truly spend … Continue reading

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In Remembrance

Today is Chris’s birthday. He would have been 38. Our love remains, a golden thread spanning the ages. Chris journeys through the sheer glow of Heaven. A rock climber in life, he now climbs unbound. Happy birthday, dear son. I … Continue reading

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Following God

When attachment gives way to following, intimacy with the moment ensues—a sacred place, where meaning and purpose come through faith. Following sparks a wellspring in response to God’s calling: This is the unfolding to which I yield; tomorrow is unspoken … Continue reading

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Presence of a Son, January 17

Today, my son, Chris, would have turned thirty-seven. In the morning, I bought flowers and put them in a vase that Chris had given. Later, I stepped out for a walk, a glorious January day—windswept and brilliant. On the walk … Continue reading

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“All’s Well That Ends Well”

It started with a robbery in my Costa Rican home. The swimming pool worker called me outside saying, “Have you seen or heard anyone?” “When?” “Ahorita” (now)! A minute later we were walking together down to the garage, hidden from … Continue reading

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