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Morning Praise

I have embraced this life with all my heart, explored the breath of Earth, and still I long for more. The world has not bequeathed awareness of my Creator.    But from a precipice of crystalline panorama, wisps of cloud have … Continue reading

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Carry On

My daughter has a favorite song that she plays daily: “Carry On” by Fun.  It is her source of inspiration in a time of recovery, while she is mine—   Beneath the surface, a voice is softly singing, enticing me to cast … Continue reading

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The Grace of Time

This is a rewrite of an earlier piece, more as a poem: Moving with momentum through the still frames of circumstance, life acquires grace. Through time’s orchestration of ever-changing tones, I step to the threshold in a spirit of participation. … Continue reading

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Musings for a New Year

Upon picking up my pen in the New Year, the words that came were: first thoughts are best thoughts. On the first day of the year, I recall the verse from John 8:12: When Jesus spoke again he said, “I … Continue reading

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